Ethiopia Coffee – Guji Dambi Uddo – 1.5lb


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Our Ethiopian Coffee, ‘Guji Dambi Uddo,’ a true testament to the rich coffee heritage of Ethiopia. Grown in the renowned Guji region, this exceptional coffee is processed using the natural method, preserving the unique flavors and characteristics that make Ethiopian coffee so sought after.

Prepare to embark on a sensory journey with each sip as the vibrant flavors of strawberry, dried fruit, and rose gracefully intertwine. The delicate sweetness of ripe strawberries dances on your palate, complemented by the luscious notes of dried fruit that add depth and complexity. The subtle essence of rose petals adds a floral touch, transforming each sip into a blissful experience for your taste buds.

The coffee beans used in Shogun’s ‘Guji Dambi Uddo’ were carefully harvested during the 2022 crop season, ensuring the utmost freshness and preserving the distinctive qualities of this Ethiopian gem. As a mark of our commitment to sustainable practices, this coffee is certified organic, grown without the use of synthetic chemicals or pesticides, allowing you to savor its flavors with peace of mind.

To ensure the highest quality and flavor integrity, we roast ‘Guji Dambi Uddo’ in small batches right here in St. Petersburg, Florida. Our skilled artisans employ their expertise to unlock the full potential of these extraordinary beans, resulting in a roast that brings out the best flavors and aromas. Each batch is carefully monitored and meticulously crafted to achieve a consistently remarkable cup of coffee.

Immerse yourself in the captivating flavors and cultural heritage of Ethiopia with every sip of ‘Guji Dambi Uddo.’ This organic specialty grade coffee is a testament to our dedication to delivering an unparalleled coffee experience. Awaken your senses and revel in the artistry of small-batch roasting, bringing you the very best from Ethiopia to your cup.

Weight 24 oz
Dimensions 1 × 5 × 9 in
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Standard Grind, Espresso Grind, Whole Bean


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Ethiopia Coffee – Guji Dambi Uddo – 1.5lb