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The Shogun Business Account

Your premier B2B vendor for high-quality coffee beans. We source, roast, and deliver the finest beans to fuel your business. With our expertise and exceptional service, elevate your coffee offerings and captivate your customers with each exquisite sip.  Join us on this brewing journey.

Member Benefits
– Business Account customers have access to exclusive savings
– Subscribe to monthly coffee deliveries for your home or business
– Get access to NET 30 and NET 60 payment terms
– Get access to Wholesale Roasted & Un-Roasted Coffee
– Become a partner & earn referring new businesses
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Business Accounts are available free to customers who have made one pre-paid order.

What Are The Requirements?

1. You must have at least one pre-paid order to apply for a business account

2. Your business must be based in the United States of America

3. You will need a valid Website, Business Phone, and EIN

4. While we welcome new business, its best to apply after 3 months of operation

5. Decisions are based on your Business Credit Scores

6. Application approvals come instantly or within 72 hours

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